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fanfiction archive for fandoms based on movies
The community for posting any fanfiction, G to NC-17 ratings allowed, based on movies. One main place to find all those stories that we all want.

As long as it's based on a movie, or being crossed-over with a movie, any fanfiction is welcome. All that's asked is that it's properly labeled and rated. Rules of the community can be found here.

NOTE:We have moderated membership in order to block out as much spam as possible. If you only wish to read fic posted here, you can simply watch the community and have no issues. If you plan to post fic/challenges/recs/etc, you will need to be a member.

To become a member: You must have a valid livejournal account with actual posts (even if it's friends locked - it usually shows on user info page) and actual friends to be approved. Blank journals won't get approved unless the user in question reaches out to me (storydivagirl) with the reason why.

Stories should be posted with the following header:

SUBJECT: Title (Rating) by author - Movie Fandom (example: Sunset (PG) by Tommygirl - Terminator)

Rating: (since this is open to anyone, ratings are a must)
Word Count: (even an estimate would be good)
Any Warnings: (character death, incest, noncon, spoilers if it's a new movie, etc.)
Any Author's Notes:

The actual story can be posted under a cut tag or you can post a link to your journal. Either is acceptable.

Please be aware: if you under eighteen years old, some of these stories will not be appropriate for you. They should be properly rated so you know which ones to avoid.

terminatorfic - fic for any of the terminator movies
st_reboot - new Star Trek movie
guns_fedoras - Public Enemies
trek_het - Star Trek movie het fic
newbakerstreet - A community for the Sherlock Holmes movie
holmeswatson09 - Sherlock Holmes, specifically Holmes/Watson
bladefic - Blade movies fic
80sand90sfanfic - Community for sharing and discussing fanfiction about the movies we grew up with
nordic_noir - a fan community for all fans of Nordic crime literature, movies, tv-series, audio productions etc
ateam_prompts - A-Team (both movie & show) prompts/fanfic

bookfanfiction - archive of all book fanfiction
beforeyouwrite - rare fandoms & pairings
schmoopfest - archive of schmoop (fluffy/happy fic), multifandom
smallspyworld - fictional spies of all media forms
oldschoolfic - an archive for oldschool fandoms of yesteryear
everyfandomfest - open to all fandoms (movies, books, tv, etc)
soul_to_heart - community dedicated to Ian and Wanderer from The Host by Stephenie Meyer
tv_fanfiction - archive for all tv-based fanfic sans reality tv
xoverland - It's an interactive community, with a sense of competition.
writing_addicts - writing community of contests with themes & word limits
rule34_kink - for fandoms with no kink memes, leave prompts and write prompts!
terror_scifi - community for genres of gothic and science fiction, fantasy and horror
whoa_turnitoff - Book of Mormon (broadway play) fan community
platonicfic_rec - Multifandom Platonic Fanfic Rec Community

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